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Music for church ceremony:

The couple and the band together chose the best pieces for accompany the main parts of the wedding ceremony (entrance of the spouse, lighting of the candles, offertory etc.).
Usually we play in trio (guitar, flute, fiddle), but we can add a harp and/or a singer, an organ or we can arrange the best line up according with the couple desires.
The repertoire is more sophisticated, we can even play “celticized” classic pieces like Gabriel’s Oboe, Pachelbel’s Canon or anything the clients want, we can also accompany a singer.
Duration: usually 1h, as much as the ceremony leasts.


We can play both amplified (with our PA) or acoustic for a more soft natural sound.
Honestly we always advice to play without PA because of the soft muffled effect that is more suitable for a chatting and drinking environment with some easy background music.
We usually do not sing to avoid distractions, we just play selected easy listening tunes.
We’ve been requested to play this kind of also set during lunch/dinner.
Duration: 1h/1:30h. (w/breaks)

After party/welcome bbq:

Unleashed drinking songs, tunes, dances.
We can host guest that want to play, sing, dance, we can also accompany set dances, group singing.
We can play anything you want, just tell us in advance if you have any special request, inside the “planet” of Irish Traditional and Folk we can arrange any desire.
Just be aware that we are a Irish trad and folk band and it can be difficult to adapt some of more modern music like pop or rock, but we promise to examine wild request and see if it can fit our playing with Irish instruments.
Duration: 2h/2:30h (w/breaks)


The band extends to six elements with a bodhran and a bass, for up to 2 hours of unrestrained tunes and songs.

Pub Session:

It’s the beating heart of trad music. and most auspicious environment not just for us but for every lover or punter.
For us is the bulk of our requests all year around. Minimum 4 musicians, happily, drinking, joking and chatting with patrons.
NB: The band can avail itself of the entertaining presence of the ceìli callers of Gens d’YS Celtic Dances Academy and/or many other musicians (prices to be agree upon).

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